The Pulse Group named as official partner for the BUCS physical activity and health strand

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The Pulse Group named as the official partner for the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) Physical Activity and Health Strand

After taking part in a highly competitive tender process, leading leisure solution supplier, The Pulse Group, has been named as the official two-year partner of the Physical Activity and Health Strand of the BUCS Strategy 2016-20. The purpose of the strand is to inspire and enable higher education communities, both students and staff alike, to become more active more often.

The strand includes two networks, the new Physical Activity Network and the already successful Health and Fitness Network and will bring together senior figures and decision makers across the Higher Education (HE) sector, with a mission of improving physical activity and health within the HE community. They will be offering every university the knowledge and skills to provide individuals with access to a positive experience of sport, leading to a lifelong active lifestyle.

As the official partner, Pulse’s role will be to support the networks in the delivery of the Physical Activity and Health strand of the BUCS Strategy by sharing best practices which can then be implemented across the HE sector. They will be sharing their 35 years’ of expertise to help devise a new physical activity campaign which can be implemented across all HE institutions. Pulse will also be supporting a series of workshops as part of the Health and Fitness Network, which will be primarily aimed at fitness managers working within HE institutions. The workshops will cover a wide variety of topics and explore key issues that the HE sector is facing as well as look at new and emerging trends.

“We are delighted to be named as a partner of the BUCS Physical Activity and Health Strand,” says Neil Mosley, Director of Education for Pulse. “With our impressive track record working with and operating higher education fitness facilities we are confident that we will be able to pass on our expertise to support BUCS’ aims and mission.”

“Physical Activity and Health is a key part of the higher education agenda and I look forward to seeing the work The Pulse Group does to support our Physical Activity and Health Strand, that will benefit the HE sector and the lifestyle of students across our universities,” says Vince Mayne, CEO for BUCS.

‘We are excited to be working with Pulse Fitness as they support us in the delivery of the Physical Activity and Health Strand of the BUCS Strategy 2016-20. Both the Physical Activity Network and Health and Fitness Network have campaigns planned that will benefit the higher education sector and working with Pulse Fitness will help us deliver on these,” says Andy Allford and Lisa Dodd-Mayne, Co-Chairs of the BUCS Physical Activity and Health Board.

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